Gringos Nacho Factory

This is a Mexican Feast! Not only by name, but by the size of it and the flavours too! 🤩

Gringos Nacho Factory dropped this off an hour or so ago and I am still working my way through it! 😂

We went for the Mexican feast includes the following:

6 x Jackfruit Tacos
1 x Cheesy Nachos
2 Pots of Mexican Beans
1 x Pot Red Jalapenos
1 x Pot Salsa
2 Bottles of Sol
All for only £20! 😎

We also added Guacamole and Churros, just because I like them both! 🥰

The flavours and the portion sizes are both really good. Get ordering from @gringosnachofactory soon, I’m very confident you will enjoy it! 👍

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