Gonzo’s Tea Room

This evening I had the privilege of previewing/sampling some of the items on the new @gonzostworoom Menu available from next week!

I can’t say this enough….. ITS ALL BLOODY DELICIOUS! 🥰

From Vegan BBQ Swede Steak, Kimchi Cabbage, Red Cabbage & Peanut Slaw, Buffalo Bravas to Smokey Pit Beans. I can’t see how anyone could be disappointed with anything they order from this menu! 🤩

One of the stars of the show is the amazing Snickerbocker Glory! A Snickers knickerbocker glory which is worth getting delivered on its own. Amazing! 🔜

Keep an eye on @gonzostworoom and @gonzostearoom for updates. I believe this is all available from Friday next week, so get your orders ready!!!

Instagram: @gonzostearoom

Facebook: facebook.com/gonzostearoom/

Website: gonzostearoom.com/

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