Barratt Sweets – Ice Lollies

our favourite childhood sweets, but FROZEN! 🥰

Thanks to my friends at @icefreshfoods_official, ive been able to work my way through the new @barrattsweets range that’s now exclusively available at @icelandfoods!
Here are my thoughts on each of them… 🧐

Wham Ice Cream – Amazing! Only had a couple of spoon fulls so far, but the flavour is spot on! 👏

Flumps – Small but very good! I don’t know how, but they have managed to make the ice cream extra soft, so it’s almost like the texture of the sweets! 🤩

Black Jacks – these were never favourites of mine growing up, but they have a good ice cream/Liquorish ratio, so they are still enjoyable, even if you aren’t a big fan of the flavour. 😊 Dip Dab – really good. In essence it’s an easy one… strawberry ice lolly with a sachet of sherbet, but it still tased nostalgic to me! 👌

Fruit Salad – this was the best of the bunch for me! Really good flavour and as it’s pretty big too, it was an enjoyable few mins eating this one!

This back holiday weekend is the perfect time to give these a try if you haven’t already!
Which of these is your favourite?

Barratt Sweets Website:

Iceland Website:

Ice Fresh Foods Website:

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