Lets Graze UK

Let’s Graze! 🤩

Check out today’s lunch, curtsey of @letsgrazeuk! 👏

The cheeses are:
Binham Blue
Norfolk Dapple
White Lady Goats Brie

Also included are Norfolk Garden spiced plum chutney & Homemade lemon and coriander humous. A sourdough Loaf from the amazing @bread_source too!
And seasonal fresh fruit and veggies to add a bit of colour too!! This is a veggie platter. There are also meat platters available that include meat from @marshpigcharcuterie!

Check out @letsgrazeuk to get your orders in for next week when the weather improves! 🤞😁

Facebook: facebook.com/letsgrazeuk

Instagram: @letsgrazeuk

Website: letsgraze.co.uk

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