I have just munched my way through an amazing home delivered lunch by a new local company, Honest Kitchen h which went down perfectly in the garden, on a bright and warm day! 👏

The delivery was….. Sandwich: The Norfolk Ploughman! 🥪
Baron bigot cheese, celery, apple and date chutney, fresh tomatoes, crisp leaves on seeded wholemeal.

Salad Bowl: The Grand Bazaar! 🥗
Honest Kitchen falafel, walnuts, feta cheese, black olives, Turkish bulgur, red cabbage and pomegranate salad, and minted cucumber with tahini sauce.

Drink: @equinoxkombucha Raspberry & Elderflower.

Dessert: Mini Banana Loaf Cake! 🍌🍞 Every piece of this meal was amazing! The freshness of the locally sourced ingredients helped make it feel like a healthy and refreshing AND delicious meal! 🤤

There are loads of great choices for local delivery on their website www.honestkitchen-norwich.com, check it out and get ordering!!! 👏