A few weeks ago I went along to @fatcattap for my first taste of @motherchips, and my god was it good! 😍

I tried the Vegan Bratwurst, Katsu Curry and Buffalo & Blue Cheese Fried Chicken, as I felt it was important to sample a few different flavours. 😜

The main image is the Katsu Curry Chips, which for me was the best of them. The Katsu Curry sauce was perfectly sweet and mild enough that it took nothing away from the other flavours included.
For me, they are great price too! To be able to sit in a @camra_official award winning pub, drink beers that are brewed on site and have a meal for under £7.00 is a perfect way to spend an evening! 😊

Also, all of their chips are hand cut on site, so not only are the ‘loaded’ toppings special, but the chips themselves taste great too.

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